The doors of stone on 2017? Release date

Las puertas de piedraThe third book of The Kingkiller Chronicle has all the readers to the expectation. Patrick Rothfuss does not say when he will publish it, this year, the next one, or leave the project to play Fallout 4. He does not say a word about it. It looks like we’re going to have to settle for re-reading The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

In this post I make a compilation of what is known about the third book of Patrick Rothfuss, so all you anxious readers can calm the spirits and have the information of last moment on The Doors of Stone.

The Kingkiller Chronicles: Book 3

We know that the provisional name is The doors of stone. We know that it does not have a definite front page even though there are two or three models spinning, but the orange color may be predominant.

We also know that there is already a manuscript of the third book of The kingkiller chronicles in review, this makes us think that the story is finished or that it lacks very little.

It is said that before publishing Kvothe’s third book, three intermediate short stories would be published. These are, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, The lightning tree, and a short story named The Tale of Laniel Young-Again (this one gonna be published after The doors of stone).

The first two volumes are already published – and even reviewed in the blog – while The Tale of Laniel Young-Again in theory is already finished and will be published after the third book.

The most exciting thing about the third book, should be the photo of the manuscript. The author himself published it and although he assured that it will be shorter than The Wise Man’s Fear, it looks quite fat. (If only we had access to a copy of the manuscript in pdf or epub).

The first page of the manuscript that appears in the photograph is readable. Unfortunately it is a note to the reviewers and does not tell any detail about the story. You can read it here anyway.

What Rothfuss thinks about the third book of Kvothe

Patrick Rothfuss las puertas de piedraIt seems that the pressure does not affect Patrick Rothfuss in the same way as the rest of the mortals. He himself acknowledged not to feel pressure from his readers for the delivery of The doors of stone.

He assures that most of them read it daily in his blog and in his twitter. In this way he manages to be seen as a person and not just as a book spitter.

Speaking of the book itself, Patrick already has a manuscript that has gone through 400 revisions and then for 200 more. He tells us that there are parts of the story that are perfect and some others not so much, so he should continue polishing details so that everything fits perfectly.

He also anticipates that within the third book of The kingkiller chronicles there are more than thirteen different stories among which seeks to achieve the just dose of tension.

The last year (1 October 2015) Patrick told us on his blog about an agreement with Lionstage to produce a series, movies and even video games about The kingkiller chronicles. The story will be intertwined between the three media and the author will maintain creative control over the adaptations.

The Doors of Stone and his release date

Patrick Rothfuss said through his twitter that it was logistically impossible to publish it in 2015. It can be thought then that the release date of The doors of stone is in 2016 or 2017.

It is confirmed that The Doors of Stone will be the last book on Kvothe, so you can understand a delay in publishing as there are many loose ends to close. However, Rothfuss does not rule out continuing to explore the Temerant universe in different novels.

I want to add an interesting fact about this topic:

Apparently, Song of Ice and Fire by G. R. R. Martin was also thought of as a trilogy, and then we all know what became, a work of 7 volumes that has us as anxious as The kingkiller chronicles.

For this reason we hope that Patrick Rothfuss spills a little and decides to write more than three books about the history of Kvothe. But we just put an objection, write it faster.

Crossing the fingers and praying to the gods of Modeg, they publish The Doors of Stone before Christmas. All this being very optimistic of course.

Unofficial release date for The Doors Of Stone: 2017

That’s right, after a few months and a lot of darkness about the subject, appears a little light on the road.

Apparently, we have a possible and unofficial release date of The Doors of Stone. This was published by the book store BookDepository in the page of the Kvothe’s third book.

The title of the book remains as «Untitled Rothfuss 3 of 3: The Kingkiller Chronicle: Book 3», and among the data available in the website, we can find the number of pages (896) and release date, which would be on August 20 of 2020.

If we start to do some research, we find that the website makes enough sense, the publisher is the same as in the two previous books and the date of publication also closely resembles as they all came to light around mid-year (30 June 2008 for The Name of the Wind and June 3, 2012 for The Wise Man’s Fear).

It is necessary to clarify that this data is not always correct and reliable, but for the moment is the only available and that give us a little hope.

With these new facts about the book, his card would be as follows:

About The kingkiller chronicle’s third book:

  • Title: The Doors of Stone (provisional).
  • Oficial release date: There is no release date (Patrick Rothfuss).
  • Release date: August 20, 2020 (according to BookDepository).
  • Status: Under review by Rothfuss and his team.
  • Pages: 896 (according to BookDepository).

Speculations about the silence of Patrick Rothfuss

There are those who say that it is a commercial matter. That he is waiting because he wants to publish The Doors of Stone after it goes on sale Winter Winds, so it does not «steal» him notoriety.

Maybe he is waiting because he wants to take advantage of all Christmas shopping and publish the book just a few months before.

But if you want to understand why so much silence about the third book of The kingkiller chronicles, you can look at the following video where Rothfuss himself explains why he does not give advances in history. He speaks in reference to the release of The Slow Regard of Silent Things, but applies to all his works.


This is all the information I could gather about The kingkiller chronicle’s third book. As much as possible I will keep the entry updated with new information that appears during the year, so I recommend you save this page in favorites and review it at least monthly.


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